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Welcome to Hemingway Bailey, accountants based in Beverley, East Yorkshire.  We like to think we are different to other accountants and want to show that not all accountants are the same.

Chartered Management Accountants

Not all accountants are the same

What We Do

We provide the usual services expected from accountants, but we also have added skills even other accountancy practices take advantage of.

Accountant Services

Our accountant services include: Bookkeeping, Annual Accounts, Start-Up Business Support, Business Plans & Tax Returns.  We also offer a lot more…

Accountant Plus

Our Accountant Plus services are available for other accountancy practices to increase their range of services as well as for clients.  With our practical industry experience, services such as Product Costing, Sales & Margin Analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be used by businesses to help to improve their margins.

Management Accountant

Accountant Plus

Why choose a Chartered Management Accountant?

Chartered Management Accountants are primarily trained in industry and are members of Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants (CIMA), one of the main accountancy bodies.  They are trained to the same high standard as other accountants but have a particular emphasis through their training on decision making and business strategy within companies.

Industry Trained

Since most are trained in industry, Chartered Management Accountants are used to dealing with people who are comfortable with finance numbers and those who are not. This means we are adept at helping you understand your numbers without blinding you with ‘accountant speak’, aiming to make your numbers meaningful to you and your business.

Want to find out more about CIMA?  Visit: www.cimaglobal.com.