Sales & Margin Analysis

As a company your sales numbers may be looking healthy but your bottom line does not appear to be getting any better.  When you are in this position, you need to fully review where you are actually making your margin for your products and services.  Using Product Costing in conjunction with a detailed review of your sales by product and service, we can make you think differently where your margin actually comes from with our Sales and Margin Analysis service.

When a business reviews deeply their portfolio of products and services it can quickly discover those products which it thought were high margin are not because of hidden costs that are not properly allocated to them.  The reverse can also apply as those items you thought were low margin can in reality be contributing much better margins than you thought.  Armed with this information, you are then in the position to make the strategic decisions to improve the overall margin of your business.

We can work alongside you and your team through every step to implement this so you can see your bottom line improve.  This can be achieved with a relatively small amount of investment compared to the bottom line improvement you will see over the coming years.

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