Always Be Nice To Beryl !

Top 10 Tips For Getting Paid As a Small Business ( P.S. Don’t Forget Beryl !)   Cashflow is a problem for many small businesses and it is one of the main points that new clients will raise with me and the team at Hemingway Bailey. Figures from the FSB say that in the last… [ Read more ]

Accountants Getting Excited

Taxfiler Technophobes beware, the capabilities of today’s software and technology is growing day on day. At Hemingway Bailey we are always looking to new technologies to improve our processes and offerings to clients. Cloud One of the more recent changes we have made is to a new accounts software, called Taxfiler. This was the last… [ Read more ]

The Digital Economy

 An Accountancy Practice in the Digital Economy Recently I was at at Bondholders event in Hull and one of the presentations was about the new digital economy. My first thought was it would not apply to Hemingway Bailey since we were not developing new software or Apps. As the presentation moved on, I quickly realised… [ Read more ]

Appointments Made Easy in the Cloud

    All of the team at Hemingway Bailey are trusted advisors to our clients and we are often the first people they ask if they want a solution to a business problem they have. Last week I was asked by a training company client if I knew of any solutions for booking appointments for… [ Read more ]

Ditch the receipts, and simplify your expenses today

It seems as though Christmas has been on everyone’s minds for weeks. The adverts are on TV; Sainsbury’s is bringing back Mog the cat and John Lewis has put a man on the moon, but for business owners, another deadline is looming. Once the festivities are over the annual tax return looms, and freelancers everywhere… [ Read more ]

ServiceM8 – Helping You To Get Ahead of the Competition

We are always looking for solutions for clients that both make their lives easier and more profitable by improving their processes. At Hemingway Bailey some of our clients are plumbers, electricians and locksmiths and one of these asked if we had any solutions to improve their efficiency. Finding Solutions For all of our clients we… [ Read more ]

Stop wasting time on stock taking today

Stock taking can be something we dread in business. We know it’s vital to maintaining accurate financial reports, and providing us with the information we need to keep our profits high, but it can take up more time than we would like. That’s what makes inventory management apps some of the best around to keep… [ Read more ]

Reward yourself and your customers with an easy to use POS

You’re in retail, you’re selling and the money is coming in. Great! But where exactly is the money coming from? Tracking your sales via a reputable piece of POS (Point of Sale) software can break down individual transactions to show you what’s popular, where, when and who with. Using this information, you can then integrate… [ Read more ]

Are everyday tasks getting in the way of your customers?

Every business needs its customers. We’d be nowhere without them, and often value the feedback they give us which can propel our businesses forward, but what else can they provide? Customers are not purely a means of supporting our businesses financially, if we take the time to implement an effective CRM system, the data we… [ Read more ]

Reporting your data made easy with apps

Knowing where your business is most profitable is something we’ve stressed the importance of before now. So what should you do next? Knowing the strengths of your business is a priority in being a successful entrepreneur, but there’s a great need to be able to convey those strengths to others too. Perhaps you’re responsible for… [ Read more ]