Team members valued & listened to

One of the core elements of our culture at Hemingway Bailey is that all team members are valued and listened to.  The team work on strategies, aims and objectives, and through regular planning meetings everyone can offer their input. Four times a year we have a full day of planning the quarter ahead, and this… [ Read more ]

Helping our local community

Every week the Hemingway Bailey team are focussing on one of our twelve points of culture – things that are important to us in the work we do every day.  This week we’re looking at how we help the local community.  The team are regularly involved in ongoing community work as we think it’s important… [ Read more ]

Fun to work for and with

Over the last week, the team at Hemingway Bailey have been focussing on our latest point of culture – being fun to work for and with.  The team is more likely to grow and develop if all members enjoy work, so it’s important that this is instilled within our culture. As a team we decided… [ Read more ]

Hemingway Bailey Apprentice Event

Hemingway Bailey held their first Apprentice Event on Tuesday at Kardomah94 in Hull city centre, with a variety of speakers giving insights on apprenticeships from within their role.  A huge thank you to everyone who came along. Alan Hemingway, director of Hemingway Bailey, began the afternoon by giving a brief introduction on Hemingway Bailey’s apprenticeships,… [ Read more ]

Advising Clients

Hemingway Bailey’s latest point of culture is advising clients.  We aim to give as much advice as possible and, because we are Chartered Management Accountants, we are trained to understand the businesses we work in.  A new client came to see us recently for an initial meeting, and we did what we could to help… [ Read more ]

Hemingway Bailey named in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers

Hemingway Bailey has been named on the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers list at the National Apprenticeship Awards which took place during The Skills Show in Birmingham on 13th November. The Skills Show is a unique celebration to inspire people with exciting opportunities in further education, skills and apprenticeships, and has City & Guilds as its… [ Read more ]

Helping young people achieve

Hemingway Bailey’s point of culture for this week is helping young people achieve. As an accountancy practice we believe that it is really important that we try to help young people as much as possible and, as well as our award nominated apprenticeship programme, we try to help young people who are considering on embarking… [ Read more ]

Knowing our clients’ businesses

As Chartered Management Accountants we are trained to understand the businesses we work in, and that is one of our key points of culture that underpin our practice.  This means we take the time to understand how our clients’ businesses work so we can then provide them with the tools to get quality management information… [ Read more ]

Giving clients tools to help them

Hemingway Bailey are committed to helping their accounting clients and team grow to reach their full potential, and to show this we are highlighting a different point of our 12 points of culture each week.  This week we are going to highlight an example of where we are giving clients tools to help them.  This… [ Read more ]

Sole Traders Deserve More

For Hemingway Bailey it is important that all the team, as well as our clients, are fully aware of what we stand by and believe in.  Because of this, over the next twelve weeks we are going to concentrate on a different point of culture, with regular blog posts and social media updates explaining how… [ Read more ]